Sunday Sermons

 Trinity Presbyterian Church in Butler, PA.

Current and Previous month sermons appear here. All others are on the Archived Sermons page

How to navigate the pages of a sermon

The bottom of each sermon contains a menu which; shows the number of pages, and page forward and backwards arrows. As an alternative, moving the cursor to the right or left edge of the page causes an arrow to appear. Click it for the next or previous page and it will slide in from the side. The menu also contains the ability to zoom in or out on the page. Next to that is a button to download the sermon to your device for future reading. The last button makes the PDF full page. When you press it again it goes back to normal.


srm 111917_Faith not Fear
srm 111217_Telling the Story Over Again
srm 110517_Bread We Break Ordeal We Share
srm 102917_Ecclesia Reformata Semper Reformanda
srm 102217_Hiding under a Rock can be a Good Thing
srm 101517_Consumers Yes Presumers No
srm 100817_Making Friends With Our Luck
srm 100117_Evangelism Eye to I
srm 092417_PullBuddyPull
srm 091717_Observing Commandments Living Commitments
srm 091017_Love Isnt Love Til You give It Away
srm 090317_Harvey Irene Peter Whats in a Name
srm 082017_WYSIWYG
srm 081317_Meeting God Out on the Big Lake
srm 073017_Hypernikomen More than Conquerors
srm 072317_643 Prayers
srm 070917_The Place of Quiet Rest
srm 070217_Akedah the Hard Principle of Exchanged Life