Why We Believe


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Many Churches tell you what they believe, which may help if you are looking for a place that only believes what you already believe. We think it’s more important to tell you why we believe.

We believe in God because we have experienced God in our lives. We are a collection of people who have experienced God’s love amidst our struggles.

We’ve experienced God, and we’ve formed a deep a relationship with God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit because we’ve experienced God in this way:

  1. We experience God the Father, the Creator, each time we look at the world around us. We see the world as brimming with God’s presence. We see the Creator’s hand in nature, in the order of the world, and in the fact that we exist.
  2. We experience God in Jesus Christ every time we look at the people around us. We see the face of Christ in each other, and in you. We experience Christ’s presence in the church. We experience Christ in the Word of Scripture.
  3. We experience God the Holy Spirit all the time. We are a church of real people who have struggled through real difficulties, and we’ve experienced the Holy Spirit leading us through and blessing us.

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We believe in the power of being a church because we’ve experienced that it’s not enough to seek God on our own. We need companions along the way, and so we believe in coming together to pray, worship, serve, and live in unity with each other and with God. We are a church that has gone through hard times, and in the depths of our difficulties we found God many, many times in our midst.

If you would like more information on what our denomination and tradition, the Presbyterian Church (USA) believes, visit What Presbyterians believe