Worship with Us

Sunday Worship – 11 am


Our Worship is different,… but it isn’t.

When you worship at Trinity, you’ll notice that much is similar to what you find in other churches, but much also is unique to us. Because we are grounded in the Christian spiritual tradition, our primary focus is not on being traditional, or on being contemporary. It is on creating worship that leads people to an encounter with God, and an experience of God’s presence.

So we bring together the best of the ancient and the contemporary, the denominational and the non-denominational, the common and the uncommon, the time-tested and the unique. Our focus is on helping you spend time each week becoming centered and open to God in worship so that you can discover the Spirit throughout the week.

Our music has a wide range.

Our preaching is dynamic and deep, focused on helping you bring Christ’s love and presence into every part of life.

Our community is loving and caring.